The Queen B Christmas Gift Guide 2015

Panic over people!!!! Panic over! We got you covered for gifts for the sporty girls who made the Badass list this Christmas.

So if you are buying for the sporty girl in your life or if you are a sporty girl and remembered that the best thing about Christmas when you were a child was that YOU MADE A LIST, and require inspiration for said list. Well, you have come to the right place.

Below is our edited, debated, much argued gift list. It is what we want for Christmas here at Queen B Towers and well, if we want it then it is pretty much guaranteed to be wish list worthy 😉

Read on, enjoy, happy shopping!

By the way, we are assuming that you have already bought your Queen B gifts, I mean I really don’t need to say it do I?


Square Blades

First out of the block has got to be a little sartorial something from the awesome brand Square Blades. If you haven’t heard of them (where have you been???!!) you need to check them out immediately. Our picks are the classic do-not-walk-out-your-door-without-it  “Eat, Sleep, Row, Repeat” T-shirt and the Square Blades Vintage Rowing Sweatshirt. Cant make a decision? Too many things, not enough time? These purveryors of cool also provide giftcards from £5 – £100. Yup, that is the worlds greatest stocking filler sorted.

SquareBlades Eat, Sleep, Row, Repeat T-Shirt of Dreams

SquareBlades Eat, Sleep, Row, Repeat T-Shirt



Here at Queen B we are very proud to be an Irish Company, and to quote Tommy Tiernan, more importantly we are from Cork. So when our friend and girl-crush Mary White came out with her book “Relentless: The Inside Story of the Cork Ladies Footballers” it went straight to the top of our Christmas List. Perfect for sporty girls and guys alike and a fantastic introduction to Gaelic Football for our overseas Queen B’s. Tipped for all kinds of awards this is a gift that we want so bad we will give it to ourselves if we have to, but there is no way we are not sitting down without this gem of a book, turkey stuffing sandwich in hand over the holiday season….”Relentless tells the story of the rise of Cork ladies football over the past decade. From having never won a senior title in the county’s 31-year history of the sport, to winning Ten All-Ireland titles in 11 years, nine National League titles and 10 Munster titles. But, it wasn’t all plain sailing. From the passing of their statsman, Tim Murphy, to cancer in 2008, to a shock loss against Tyrone in the 2010 All-Ireland quarter-final as they bid for six in-a-row, a year of resolve in 2013, and the most incredible of comebacks ever witnessed in Croke Park in 2014. And of course becoming the first female sports team to be publicly voted as RTÉ Sports Team of the Year. This is the story behind the scenes of the Cork ladies footballers and what makes them one of the best teams ever in the history of Irish sport” Yesssssssss!!!! Mary!! Yesssssssssssssssssssss!!! P.S. Mary, is it too early to ask to be in the movie?

Mary White's 'Relentless' Book Cover

Mary White’s ‘Relentless’ Book Cover


Row360 Magazine

A subscription to Row 360 is an absolute must this Christmas. With the option of app or app and print you can read on the go and catch up on all things “row” in 2016. Spotted all over Henley RR as the accessory of choice, you gotta make next year a Row 360 year. The website says “Our plan was to present the sport in a new light. To excite, invigorate and enlighten. We hope you will agree that we have created something dynamic and engaging.” We do agree.

Row360 Magazine with Queen B Emma Twigg on the Cover

Row360 Magazine with Queen B Emma Twigg on the Cover



Yoga. You know it is good for you and you know it will make you feel and look awesome. Time to get yourself over to our friends and number one choice for Yoga – the Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre in Cork. Recently relocated to beautiful studios at 34 Penrose Wharf, Cork we could not recommend the classes highly enough. Suitable for everyone, all fitness levels, any age (they have kids yoga!). Make yoga your new years resolution, add it to your Santa list and book the sporty gal in your life a class at HYVC – tell them the Queen Bs sent ya!

The Studio at Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre Cork

The Studio at Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre Cork


Light Over Water Photography

Next up on our wish list is something, anything from the incredibly talented photographer Hamish Roots. Check out the website and go for a wander through the Henley Royal Regatta gallery. We have been drooling over “Deckchairs”, “Push Off”, “Dressed Up” and “Stripes”. The thought of a little regatta sunshine during a bleak December is enough to put a smile on any rowers face. If the man made wall paper we would probably be slapping it up all over Queen B HQ as we speak!

Hamish Roots Photography 'Henley Deckchairs'

Hamish Roots Photography Henley Deckchairs


Charlotte Tilbury

Here at Queen B we are always looking for products that work hard and play hard so it will come as no surprise that Charlotte Tilbury and pretty much everything she does is on our list this year. We are firm fans here at QB HQ and special mention has to go to the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eye Pencil. You apply directly onto the eye then blend with a brush or your fingers (we go for fingers) and it stays put all day long. It is simply genius and has cut all our make up routines down to a couple of minutes. The ideal gift for a busy sporty girl who can rock the Christmas party just as much as she rocks the boat, pitch, gym, yoga class…..etc And for added simplicity and innovation the pencils are designed for specific eye colours to really make your peepers pop! While we play fast and loose with the makeup rules (and rules generally) and the question “Wow, that is gorgeous, what eye colour are you wearing?” has been met with the answer “Erm, whatever one was in my glove compartment?” we can testify that the pencils are genius; as is Charlotte!

Charlotte Tilbury Make Up

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eye Pencils


The Ultimate Queen B Gift

Last but by no means least, in fact I would go so far as to say we left the best until the end……

Dear Santa, I have been perfectly badass all year and as my reward if you could just pop one teeny, tiny little thing under my tree this year. It is so small. It will take up no room at all. And Santa, you know I will do it justice 😉

Tickets to Rio –

We reeeeealy wanna go!

We reeeeealy wanna go!