Athlete Q&A Anna Geary, Camogie

Our latest Athlete Profile is with a great friend of ours here in QBAHQ. A true national treasure, lover of Queen B Kit and the best coffee date to boot! But what happens in Starbucks shall remain right there…. With so many achievements under her belt in both Club and Inter County Camogie not to mention an intense passion for all things sport related, it is no wonder Anna is forging a serious career in broadcasting. We can’t wait to see her star continue to rise. So, fresh from her Senior Club All Ireland Camogie Final win with Milford (She was Player of the Match…Obvs) here she is…take it away Anna G!


Name: Anna Geary


Nickname: Gearbox by some from my younger days, though one person persists with calling me gearbag (J)


Sport: Camogie (and retail therapy, if it was a sport)


Training for: My next challenge, not sure what that is yet. Just won the Senior Club All Ireland title.


Best thing about your sport: The team ethos and the competitive nature of the game.


Worst thing about your sport: The winter training. I hate the cold weather.


Who is your biggest supporter? Probably my parents, they have been following me since I started, chauffeuring me to and from training/ games since day one.


Typical Day: I like to do any individual training/ gym sessions in the morning before my body realises what’s going on. Besides, I get a lot of energy from starting my day with exercise. It clears my mind too. The nature of my job means some days I don’t start until mid-morning and work until late. Other days I start at the crack of dawn. It depends on the nature of the job. I am still adjusting to that type of working lifestyle in the media world. My schedule lacks routine and structure, both of which I typically love.


Most likely to say: Being from Cork I like to start most sentences with “I suppose.”


Favourite training session: I love matches so if we are playing a match at training, I am happy. It’s the competitive nature breaking out in me.


It would surprise you to know that I… I lived in Luxembourg for a year in 2008 and played Gaelic Football in the European Championships with Luxembourg while living there.


Hidden talent: I can do the routine to Proud Mary, Tina Turner style!


Guilty Pleasure: It used to be MTV’s ‘Geordie Shore’ back in the earlier seasons, was then replaced by the series of “Making a Murderer” (gripping stuff) but now I would say it’s biscuits…though if I’m being honest with myself, it was really always biscuits LOL.


Favourite “get pysched” song: I have a few. “Hall of Fame” by The Script has special memories attached to it. Eminem “Lose Yourself” is a good one. “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor is good to get the blood pumping.


Pre race/event routine: For years, my routine was quite strict  coming up to a big game. The bag is always packed the night before and I have some superstitious rituals that I follow. Top secret of course.


The thing I miss most when I am training is: Hanging out with my family, boyfriend Kev and friends. Training schedules can be demanding.


Best piece of advice I ever got was..: Received recently “What other people think of you is none of your business”. I’m still trying to put it into practice. I tend to overthink things.


Advice I would give a novice/beginner now: “Don’t just say what you are going to do, show people how it’s done.”


When I was younger I wish someone had told me that…: The only person you are ever really trying to beat, is the person you were yesterday. Don’t compare yourself to others.


How would your teammates describe you: A little crazy, energetic and enthusiastic, determined, organised, thoughtful. A great talker but (hopefully) a good listener too.


Biggest fear: Retiring fully from Camogie and not having anything to fill the competitive void.


The moment where all the training was worth it: Winning the Club All Ireland Final last weekend for the 3rd time in 4 years. I was travelling down to Milford training (in Cork) from Dublin and the weekly journeys were tough -and lonely- at times. I was awarded the ‘Player of the match’ in the final and it reinforced to me that the choices I made to put in the commitment were all worth it.


Who is your hero? My mother. She has supported me so much in my career, in sport and in life and is always there ready to help and give advice. Sometimes she steps in as the voice of reason, to stop me being slightly dramatic about things haha!


Perfect day off: DUVET DAY!! PJs, favourite DVDs, tasty food, roaring fire, friends and/or boyfriend and just chilling out. These are a rare occurrence so I look forward to them.