Athlete Q&A, Emma Buckley, International U18 Hockey Goal Keeper

In the coming months we will be profiling some of our friends who are making waves in the sporting world. People you know and people you might not have heard about…YET! Time to shine a light on the girls who are kicking ass and taking names left, right and centre with a set of quick fire questions.

First up is Emma Buckley who (If you haven’t already heard of her) is a hockey star on the rise having represented Munster and Ireland at under eighteen level. We think there are big things in store for Emma and admire her attitude hugely. She’s a Queen B too…of course!

Take it away Emma…

Name: Emma Buckley

Nickname: I don’t really have one but some of the girls call me bucks!
Sport: Hockey.
Training For: At the moment I’m training for a U18 test series V Scotland in March and Irish Hockey League with Harlequins.
Best thing about your sport: The people: they are so competitive on the pitch but so friendly off it.
Worst thing about your sport: Losing  … I hate losing.
Who is your biggest fan?: My sister Ciara.
Typical Day: Wake up, school, school training, nap, homework, dinner, club training, study, sleep, repeat.
Most likely to say: Where’s my hockey shoes??
Favourite training session: I love all training sessions especially the intensity of international training but nothing beats a goalkeeping session with Ivan Bateman in harlequins.
Hidden talent: Flower Arranging.
Guilty Pleasure: Watching David attenborough documentaries.
Favourite “get pysched” song: Hall of Fame… The script or Till I Collapse… Eminem.
Pre race/event routine: Listen to music.
Best piece of advice I ever got was: Never give up, believe in yourself, work hard and keep learning new skills. (From two teammates who I look up too)
Advice I would give a novice/beginner now: Throw yourself at everything be competitive, listen to coaches and learn new things.
How would your teammates describe you: Competitive.
Biggest fear: Bad injury.
The moment where all the training was worth it: Last years training was definitely worth it winning the U18 Europeans in Italy.
Who is your hero? In sport its David Harte I’m a huge fan. Off the pitch my Dad.
Perfect day off: Long walk along the coast/beach with my Dad.