Bringing out the Queen B in Katie P.

We frequently get asked “What makes you a Queen B?”

It is a tricky one to answer, it is something different for everyone.

Brid is all about the power of kindness, Aedin swears it is about hanging in there through thick and thin and one of our favourite consultants Nick (yes, there are some boys at Queen B!) fervently believes it is a relentless drive for excellence combined with a mischievous twinkle. All great answers, but every now and then someone will come up with something that gets the inspiration fires burning and prompts an evil laugh or two in the office. Allow me to elaborate….

Team Queen B Member Katie P has been with us from the beginning, wearing our kit, spreading the word and more recently masterminding some of our Queen B planning and marketing. So, when she told us that for her, being a Queen B is all about meeting new challenges head on, well, that was far too good an opportunity to pass up!

The possibilities are endless, what could we get her to do? How far will she go in the pursuit of the next challenge? Where did I leave my brochure for bog snorkelling lessons?? A new blog to feature in the Clubhouse was born.

Over the coming weeks and months we are challenging Katie P to try new sports, activities, classes, pretty much anything that will make her sweat, and report back on her findings.

The rules are simple.

1. It has to be new. Katie P is a rower, so we are dragging her back to dry land to try her hand at new things…or are we?! (Seriously guys, I am sure I had an email about synchronised swimming classes around here somewhere!)

2. Naturally she has to wear her Queen B’s – Lizzies, Dees, One-Pieces (Is there a uniform required for that Army Assault Course, or can she wear anything at all?)

3. We call the shots. You call the shots. If a gauntlet is thrown, Katie P is picking it up. If a challenge is issued, Katie P is accepting. If a curve ball is pitched, Katie P is batting it out of the park, making a home run, jumping those fences, bringing it home…you see where I am going with this.

So, before we go running off to plot her first challenge we are inviting Queen B’s everywhere to have a think. If you do a sport and you think that Katie P would be a welcome addition to your training sessions, if you take a class that you think would put Katie P through her paces, if you have a hobby that will knock her socks off – let us know. You can send your ideas to and maybe you and your team will be starring in our next blog.

One last thing, we love our Katie and couldn’t possibly function without her…so at least try to send her back to us in one piece!

Bringing out the Queen B in Katie P….watch this space.

Lots of love,

Team QBA.