Introducing Daisy C… Queen B Intern and University College Dublin Fresher

So we asked Daisy, our amazing intern and all round hero, to put pen to paper and give us an insight into life, rowing and her time spent with Queen B. We were thrilled to have Daisy with us during the summer and when university lets out for the holidays we are hoping to lure her back! It is vital at QBA that we have a talented, driven and committed team around us and the phenomenally brilliant Daisy was born to be a Queen B. Not to mention that anyone who has the skills to simultaneously charm and poke fun at Aedin, well, lets just say that that is a girl who is always gonna have a seat in our boat! Come back soon Daisy….Love TeamQBAxxx

Hi TeamQBA, Daisy here. It’s that time of year again!! The time where rowers have to begin all over again after those few precious weeks of an off season, normally spent trying (and failing) to prove we’re not complete lightweights, on and off the water. However this year it’s time for me to bid adieu to the banks of the Lee and say hello to the Liffey, although thankfully I don’t have to say goodbye to my beloved sky blue, that’s one thing Shandon Boat Club and UCDLBC do have in common.
So I made the all-important decision about what college to go to, and I promise it wasn’t just based
on Colours wins and amount of champs pots UCD hold (well…not completely anyway). After the first
two weeks I’m happy to announce I’m absolutely loving it!! I’ve already had my extremely humbling
first session back on the erg of the season as well as weights sessions that have left me more
than slightly sore the morning after. Irish one pieces and amazing erg times seem to be as common
as hand blisters in UCDLBC but thankfully they’re such a nice group of gals and I’m not just saying that because they share my love of Queen B Athletics.
During the summer I had the amazing experience of an internship at Queen B Athletics, of which
I only have positive things to say (and that’s not just because Aedin, the COO, threatened to edit
out anything negative… I swear!). After spending a while admiring some new prototypes, my
hands-on time at Queen B HQ was spent on things from design days with CEO Brid to meetings
with amazing photographers and everything in between. My time with Queen B was definitely
challenging but to call it work is crazy considering it’s like my dream job!
I’m now officially a member of Queen B (and yes, you should be jealous because I do get the family
discount), but even more amazingly I’m absolutely honoured to say that Queen B Athletics new
collection of GORGEOUS Daisy Dee leggings have been named after me!!!
This season is definitely going to be tough but hopefully I can be as hardworking and stylish all at #TeamQBA.