It’s a New Year…And I’m Feeeeeeling Good

So, we have well and truly taken down the tree at Queen B Towers, packed up the twinkly fairy lights and even the orange and strawberry creams have been eaten…begrudgingly.


To say we suffered from the post Christmas/New Year blues would be an understatement. Having made (and broken) most of our new years resolutions and with bleak weather ahead of us we needed something to get us out of our funk and revved up for what we hope will be another fabulous year.


There was only one thing to do, take matters into our own hands and start to accentuate the positives. Yeah, so we are all broke, a bit heavier than we would like and became unreasonably emotional when the lights on our Christmas jumpers started to break but January isn’t all that bad. We have channeled our inner “Sound of Music” and put together a list of our “Favourite Things” (See what we did there?) about this side of Christmas. Come on 2014, give us your best shot.


Favourite thing number 1: Brownie points for thinking about exercising. This one came to light only yesterday. The conversation in the office went something like this:

Me: Can we sit down tomorrow at 8.00am to run through the list of potential top secret wear testers for this year?

Colleague: Am going for a run at 7.30am, can we say 9.00am?

All the office: A run? In this weather?! Wow, you are so dedicated, amazing, inspiring…etc etc etc.

See what I mean? Had my colleague actually done a run? No. Had she braved the elements? No. Was she getting brownie points for simply thinking about possibly doing some exercise at a date in the future? Too right she was.

Everyone knows it is probably going to be dark, certainly cold and most likely wet. The very thought of heading outside with a grim look of determination on your face is enough to get everyone oohing and aahing at your commitment.

Does this happen in June? No. It does not.


Favourite thing number 2: January is clearly the best time of year to buy new sports wear!! Nothing quite says, “I am on it”, like a brand new pair of Lizzie’s winging their way to you and it is totally allowed! Doesn’t really count as shopping at all!

After the expenses of Christmas I have always struggled with the January sales, can I really afford it? Will I ever wear it? Erm didn’t I reject that top 3 months ago?? Sportswear is different, you are saying to the world that the new year will be full of healthy body and mind enhancing activities….and if the stretchy fabric and flattering cut helps me feel good about myself while my jeans are a little on the post-mince-pie snug side, well, that is just a happy coincidence isn’t it?!


Favourite things number 3 and 3 and a half: Woolly hats. Now, before you all start shouting “Hat Hair!” hear me out. Woolly hats are clearly great at keeping the head warm but they also are super flattering, hide all manner of lazy girl day old hair issues and many have a bobble on them. I mean seriously what other time of the year can you take to the streets in a be-bobbled (yes, it is a word) fashion and look, well, fabulous? There is something devil may care about the woolly hat. You look great whilst giving off a chilled out “I rate comfort over style” vibe and it may be just me but a snugly looking hat wearer just makes me wanna cuddle them.

Which brings me to point 3 and a half: Boots. Knee-high, ankle, flat, wellington, heeled, thigh-high (saucy!), anything goes, they are all fabulous and as we all know the official footwear of the winter months.


Favourite thing number 4: TV. I won’t lie, I am still grieving the loss of Strictly and Downton. The X Factor has been sung and won but all is not lost.

The Good Wife is making its return, George Clarke is renovating old buildings like a dervish and my slightly worrying crush on Benedict Cumberbatch is being satisfied by the return of Sherlock. (Is it really so wrong to fancy Benedict? That sweeping coat, piercing blue eyes and his smug “I know everything look” that sees into the depths of my very soul is just soooo…..yeah, maybe it is a little wrong)


Favourite thing number 5: This week I innocently wandered into my local shop to be confronted by many an egg shaped chocolate treat, not to mention the Malteaster Bunny. Yessssss.

No sooner is Christmas over than the chocolate gods send the egg and the bunny to light our tea soaked path through winter and into spring. They are only available for a limited period which, of course, means that one must take full advantage of their availability and now that the bunnies come in packs of 5…. Well, if that isn’t convenience, then frankly I don’t know what is.


So here’s to January and all its cold days, rainy mornings and hopeful whispers of snow. To wrapping up warm, log fires and being able to see your own breath. To not having your twitter feed full of exclamations about hot weather and photos of temperature gauges (Seriously?), to Valentines day and all of those flowers that WILL arrive this year, but most of all to the untainted beauty of a new year, full of possibilities and opportunities.

I don’t know about anyone else, but my new years resolution? To be sitting here next year, healthy, happy and talking about the epic adventure that was 2014. Lets do this.