Katie’s Hour of Power

When I was challenged to join the Carrie Skinner, Hour of Power I couldn’t have been more excited. This was right up my street! I have a little phrase that I like to throw out there every now and then – if you are not sweating you are not winning. You can possibly blame my years of rowing for this attitude but whatever the reason for my “pain is gain” approach, I knew I was going to love Carrie’s class.

I looked up the Hour of Power on YouTube and it is pretty intimidating, but hey, isn’t that what is making it a challenge?!

Slapped on my black ‘Dee’ leggings and headed off to my class feeling very Rocky Balboa about the whole thing. Met Carrie, who by the way is a lovely girl, excited, bubbly, puts you at ease straight away and then we went to get my weights (gulp!). Carrie starts you off on bottles of water for weights or 1kg weights – so if you have never done a class like this before, then fear not! She absolutely will not push you into the deep end first time. I decided that as it was a challenge I would go for two 2kg weights. Go big or go home people!

A few people in the class knew it was my first time and I got some much appreciated encouraging looks. I lined up, the music started and I was ready to do it – Queen B style.

Class started nice and mellow, we threw a few squats out there, then held the squats, so far so good. Then we deepened the squat…starting to feel it now in my lower half, little did I know this was only the warm up. The calm before the storm if you will. Carrie lobbed in a few leg raises, the little minx, and the music started to pick up tempo. We started doing different drills, arm drills, jogging drills, legs going like the clappers and then just when you think you are about to keel over and beg Carrie for forgiveness – she says the magic word “relax”. I don’t know if she is psychic or if the sweat pouring profusely down my face gave it away but Carrie manages to give a class that pushes you to the limit of what you can do, but always gets you to complete the drill. Then we have our drink of water (hydration is key!), weights down for 10 blissful seconds and back to it.

Now we are moving on to what for me, along with most girls I know, are the target areas. Bums, core, legs and arms. There was one particular move where you get on the floor, extend arms and legs and rest on your bottom. I loved this exercise. I knew it was working my core brilliantly but moreover I knew it was going to pay dividends later. It was one of those genius little moves that satisfies you in the moment, you can feel it the next day and give it a few weeks and your tummy will be zapped back into a shape that has you reaching for the crop top…even if it is still pretty chilly and you might freeze walking down the road, no matter. Abs that good need to be shared!

On the sweat-o-meter I would give this class a ranking of 10. I would strongly suggest wearing your Queen B Athletics ‘Dee’ Leggings to this one, they were just made for a class like this, a match made in heaven and I didn’t walk out with sweaty, sticky legs.

We had a particularly hilarious moment during the class that I need to share. It was a stunning evening so we threw the doors open to let in some fresh air, when someone walked past carrying a take-away. The smell of fried food wafted through the open doors and right up our nostrils. One of my classmates muttered “Can you smell the chips?” and yes, I could. I could smell those chips. Yup, I could smell those chips from the tip of my nose to the soles of my feet but step away from me chip-carrying temptress. I was sweating, I was winning and I felt like a superstar. Totally virtuous, feeling great about myself and even a little smug that this time it wasn’t me heading to the sofa with my take-away. Nope, I was powering through my hour and I was loving it.


I would recommend this class to everyone. I would have to say that for me, a class like this is all about the instructor and Carrie is little gem. She keeps you moving to the rhythm, she knows when to give you a quick rest and she motivates you to achieve more than you thought you could.


For the record, while I was exhausted after my class holding 2kg weights, Carrie does the class with a phenomenal 6kg and I bet she could do more.


I am going back. This class will get you sweating, tired and leave you feeling awesome. Next time I am going for heavier weights, not because of Challenge Katie P, but because Carrie and her class make me want to push myself a little harder. Everything I want in an exercise class – give it a go, tell ‘em Katie P sent ya.

Katie P.


For more information check out Carries website: www.carrieskinnerfitness.com