Meet Our Models – Kate Parfrey, Gym

Here at Queen B HQ we have a very special list. It takes a lot to get onto it and once on, you are never removed. We have had the list since we started this adventure and add to it as and when we see fit. We don’t usually share who is on the list, we like to keep it pretty top secret but there are a lot of unsuspecting people we have met along the way whose names have made it on. One day these people will be thanked properly by us for all they have done to make our journey easier, more fun, possible. We call these people our Queen B Angels (QBA…see what we did?!). Today we are letting her and you know who one of these Angels is and getting the low down from one of the coolest girls at Queen B – Katie P, of “Challenge Katie P” fame, confirmed Queen B Angel, committed sports woman, gym bunny, bad-ass and star of our photo shoot….come on down!!!

 1. When did sport become a big part of your life?

The day I realised sport had the power to shape your life was in 1999 on the day Manchester Utd. achieved ‘the impossible dream’ and won the treble. As I watched my Dad, aka My Hero, sit two inches from our television with tears streaming down his face I realised, then and there, that sport had the power to bring people to their knees, quite literally! My Dad won’t mind me telling that story, he has his heroes and I have mine.

2. Favourite sport and why?
Hmm, tough one. My favourite sport to take part in has to be rowing. You are cold, tired, wet, aching from every available muscle and you are completely exhilarated! A boat, two blades and my Bestie (Miss QBA herself) and anything is possible.

3. Top 3 tips for getting abs like yours?
*blushing :) First tip, eat good whole food 80% of the time! The saying “abs are made in the kitchen” is true! Second tip, sleep! Make sure you get your 6-8 hours in and get as many of these hours before 12 as you can. Final tip and the most important of all …. Abs are over rated. Being healthy, happy and the best person you can be is what life is all about.

4. You have 30 mins to exercise – what would you be doing?
Okay, this is a tough one and I feel that whatever my answer my long-suffering training partner, Aaron, will have a thing or two to say! BUT, I would go straight to the Squat Bar and squat like there was no tomorrow! Here comes the technical jargon – squatting is a Compound Exercise which quickly builds muscle mass while dramatically enhancing overall fitness while strengthening the body as a whole. I would follow this up with HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, for about 12-15 minutes and then eat lots of yummy food, yippee!

5. Best and Worst thing about being “Challenge Katie P”?
Wow, Best thing is easy! This has to be meeting all the amazing athletes through out the challenges. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things with such dedication and passion – Amazing! And Worst? Well, I’m still waiting for the day Brid rings me and asks me to put on a tutu…. Princess Odette? More like Princess Fiona.

6. How did you feel when you found out Queen B wanted you to model?
The first word that came to mind was not becoming to a Queen B BUT as soon as the initial surprise eased I was super excited to say the least! QBA embodies strong, powerful, everyday women and what better way to show this than through the use of an everyday woman for their website. Hopefully they’ll have me back!

7. What advise would you give to your younger sporting self?
My answer might be contradictory but I would say don’t take it too seriously but work hard and make your mark. Sport is all about fun and being active but at the same time I think you need to put in the hard yards and challenge your body as much as you can.

8. Funniest moment in sport?
Wow, too many to count! But the time I went to a rugby match in Perth with my Dad and there were 3 streakers and a man who invaded the pitch dressed as a giant chicken is pretty hard to beat!

9. When can we next catch you Challenging erm, yourself?
Erm, okay, I officially challenge myself to train with a Bodybuilder for a week! I’ll keep you posted!

10. How can we follow you on Twitter?
Well, just simply search my handle @QBKatieP


We are only too aware of our ladies sporting chops, but we wanted to get the quick-fire skinny on their modelling experience for Queen B.

So this is for any aspiring Queen B models out there – work hard, play hard and keep practising your “fierce” look in the mirror – here is what it takes to make it as a top sportswear model, Queen B style!

 1. What would you wake up for?

Without doubt a big bowl of porridge made with water, chocolate casein, natural peanut butter and cinnamon. Heaven in a Bowl.

2. Why are you the perfect Queen B model?
Well as I mentioned, QBA embodies a powerful, strong woman both physically and mentally.  As for me, I am an everyday woman, doing my thing, with dedication, passion and joy. A Queen B takes her style seriously, not herself.

3. What is an absolute must for you at a photo shoot?
Well having been only at one shoot, if I was asked to do it all again I would insist upon seven white puppy Labradors, blue peanut M&M’s and Stevie Wonders “Isn’t she lovely” to be playing at all times…. Okay, okay, jokes. My must… Maybe first pick at the new QBA line!

4. Zoolander had “Blue Steel”, what is your trade mark look called?
Seeing as I mainly did body shots, I would say it has to be the “Inhale” … Oh, I just gave away the secret to those abs!

5. What is the worst thing about being a professional model?
I can’t say there was a worst as the day ran so well but maybe the fact that I had to wait a few weeks before I could get my hands on that gorgeous gear, pure torture! Veruka Salt ain’t got nothing on me!

6. What was your favourite shot of the day and why?
I could not possible decide between all the models. They were all so dynamic in their own way. A little piece of their world caught on camera, amazing to watch Jorg at work. I did happen to take a selfie with the resident Bernese mountain dog, Max, which I was pretty pleased with!

7. If you could sneak one item….
Oooh, tough one! Probably the Sammy Sports Bra in mint, still need to buy that one…actually I would like to officially place my order please! Think I now have, yes, EVERYTHING!

8. What preparation did you do for the shoot?
Admittedly I did spend an embarrassing amount of time posing in front of my mirror at home! On the day though I relied hugely on Brid’s direction and eh, prodding! “I’m just going to touch your boob” was definitely the quote of the day!

9. Who (other than Queen B of course) is your biggest fan?
EASY! My sister Niamh. She is my rock and my biggest supporter. We want to see each other succeed just as much as we want ourselves to. AND we have a secret handshake….need I say more!

10. What is next for you?
Funny you ask because I am bring Challenge Katie P to St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada….so anyone out there that wants to challenge me to a snowy challenge get in touch….after you ring the ambulance of course!