Meet Our Models – Sanita Puspure, Rowing

Sing it with me “We got Sanita Puspure on our team, we got Sanita Puspure on our team, we got the best team in the world!!!!” Ok, I’m gonna get all name-droppy here but I’m proud to say that Sanita is our friend…well, to be more accurate Brid’s friend but I do have big plans to stalk her, make her my best bud, watch this space we will be BFF selfies a go-go faster than you can say European medal! A champion through and through, there was never a question about including Sanita when it came to our photo shoot…in fact we even delayed it as Sanita was off making waves at the World Championships (See what we did there? Waves, water, rowing…? I know, unreal stuff) A campaign without Sanita simply was not an option. We have blogged about the blonde goddess in the past, but A LOT has happened since then. Enjoy our catch up with one of the most successful Irish female sportswomen of all time. Queen Sanita, long may she reign.


1. European Championships – bring anything back Mrs. Puspure?

Brought back sore legs and a precious bronze medal.

2. How does it feel to be ranked 4th in the world?

It’s kind of nice, but no time to sleep on laurels, next season approaching fast. And it’s going to be intense!!

3. Couldn’t help but notice the Super Gr8 on Twitter (When Sanita joined forces with 7 of the world’s top single scullers to race an eight in the historic Boston Head of the Charles – When they won this race they beat the Olympic and World Champions….WHAAAAAAT?!!!!) – Spill the deets!!

It was an awesome experience. All of us in that boat traded our sculls for one big sweep oar, picked the sides to row on and took on the Olympic and World Champions on in the Head race! And winning that race was so much fun!!

4. Whenever we mention you, Rio is usually mentioned in the next sentence – how are you feeling about it?

That is my ‘bigger picture’. Every session from now to Rio counts. It’s quite an exciting prospect for the future..

5. Do you think being at London 2012 will be an advantage for you?

I think so. In a way I will be a different person going to Rio and it is due to all the experience I’ve been gathering up since returning to the sport.

6. Do you ever get nervous? Lining up at the world championships, waiting for the ‘Go’ part of ‘Attention, Go’ wearing the Irish colours…I am sweating just thinking about it!

I’m sweating now as well just reading about it. Nerves are very important part in racing. Everybody gets nervous. If I wasn’t nervous, I’d be worried.

7. What do you want to say to our rowing Queen Bs, any words of wisdom?

Chase your dreams!

8. Funniest rowing moment to date?

Falling in…just kidding.. I don’t think rowing is that fun on the water unless you crash with someone..

9. How do you cope with the tougher days?

Well….on tougher days I tend to ‘corner’ and keep to myself. But where I train there’s always someone who can make you smile! Even if it is by making you bite on a pencil..

10. Any training tips you can pass on?

Train hard but be smart about it. ( not sure if I can always follow my tip..)

11. Where can we next catch you taking to the water?

Usual spot, middle of Farran Woods Co. Cork for training and around the world for racing!!

12. How can we follow you on twitter?


And now for Sanita’s quick fire question round…

1. Linda Evangelista once said she wouldn’t wake up for less than 10k, what is the one thing you would wake up for?

Good for her. The way I see 10k is that she wants to go for a run every morning! But it’s probably $10,000 she wants. I’d wake up for lovely breakfast and smiley kids faces for a start..

2. Why are you the perfect Queen B model?
Because I’ve long legs???

3. What is an absolute must for you at a photo shoot?

Nice clothes!

4. Zoolander had “Blue Steel”, what is your trademark look called?

Russian death stare.(I’ve some Russian blood in me)

5. What was your favourite shot of the day and why?

With the oars, as that felt like ‘coming home’.

6. If you could sneak one item of clothing from the shoot into your bag and take it home what would it be?

Long sleeved top and of course those One-Pieces.

7. What preparation did you do for the shoot?

Brought oars with me. Had to pick them up from the boathouse.

8. Who (other than the gals at Queen B of course!) is your biggest fan?

I think it’s my husband.

9. What is next for you? Milan? Paris? New York?

Farran Woods as that’s where all the magic happens….