Meet The Models – Cliodhna Sargent, Hockey

So we did a little digging on the talented and stunning Cliodhna Sargent and a few things kept coming back to us –  “Nicest girl EVER”, “Total commitment” and our personal favourite “You wouldn’t want to be up against her on a hockey pitch”! As a member of the Irish Hockey Team Cliodhna is at the top of her game, her drive and focus make her our ultimate Hockey Queen B and when we put her on our wish-list for our photo shoot our dreams really did come true when she agreed to take part. Being Queen B, we grabbed the chance to blog about this phenomenal lady, here is what we found out…..

When did you start playing hockey?

I have been playing hockey all my life, my mom played so I grew up on the side of a hockey pitch

How did you find out you were on the Irish team?

I had been training with the Irish squad for around 6 months but hadn’t been picked for any games. A trip to South Africa to play South Africa and Canada was arranged and the coach had a meeting with me at training to say that I wouldn’t be picked but he wanted me to continue to train hard for the future. I was annoyed but kept training and around a week before they were due to leave for South Africa I got a phone call to say that a player couldn’t make it and they wanted me to go instead. I was absolutely delighted and slightly shocked but it was there against Canada that I got my first cap.

What are the 3 things you would like to tell our younger Queen B’s who one day would love to be on the Irish hockey team?

Enjoy it- playing hockey is not only about winning but having fun along the way

Be persistent- don’t give up no matter what people tell you

Work hard- it will get you farther than a lot of players

What do you know now you wish you knew then?

You can’t cheat at being an elite athlete the only thing that will get you there is hard work and commitment, which isn’t going to be easy. I feel like it took me a number of years in the squad to realise just how much I needed to change my nutritional and physical habits in order to reach that elite level if I had my time back I would definitely have changed sooner.

Funniest hockey moment to date?

I did have the opposition try to get me banned from hitting the ball because I injured 3 of their players, very funny.

What is it about hockey that has made it your number 1 sport?

I have always been good at hockey and therefore had the chance to play with and against the best people in Ireland and the world. I love playing at this level and the feeling you get when you make a good tackle, a good pass or if your lucky enough to score a goal. I also love the skill level that is needed to play and the speed at which the game moves.

Any training tips you can pass on?

Be the fittest on the team and try to work harder than anyone else on the pitch. Coaches will always pick a hard worker over lazy players that might have a bit more skill.

Where can we next catch you playing?

With Club I play with Harlequins and we are in Farmers Cross most weekends. With Ireland next March we have a major tournament which is the first stage of our Olympic qualifying campaign we are lucky enough to be hosting this in UCD and need all the support we can get!! This will run from the 14th – 22nd March.

How can we follow you on twitter?

You can follow me @sargentcli or if you want to follow my Irish games look up @irishhockey

We are only too aware of our ladies sporting chops, but we wanted to get the quick-fire skinny on their modelling experience for Queen B. 

So this is for any aspiring Queen B models out there – work hard, play hard and keep practising your “fierce” look in the mirror – here is what it takes to make it as a top sportswear model, Queen B style!

Linda Evangelista once said she wouldn’t wake up for less than 10k, what is the one thing you would wake up for?

To be honest I would get out of bed for a warm sunny day, it automatically puts me in a good mood, the 10k would also be nice ;)

Why are you the perfect Queen B model?

I wouldn’t ever say I’m a perfect model but I love representing Queen B, the gear is so comfortable and really good quality and the company is all about supporting sporting ladies which we need more of.

What is an absolute must for you at a photo shoot?

It must be relaxed, natural and I love having a bit of a laugh.

Zoolander had “Blue Steel”, what is your trademark look called?

Funnily enough when I was growing up my friends used to always say that in hockey action photo I had this really scary serious face on which they nicknamed “Hockey face” so that would definitely be my trademark.

What is the worst thing about being a professional model?

Getting photos taken in the freezing cold in hockey gear especially since my lips have a tendency to turn blue in the cold.

What was your favourite shot of the day and why?

I loved the hitting shot because it was a serious shot and really represents what I do in a match.

If you could sneak one item of clothing from the shoot into your bag and take it home (naughty models!), what would it be?

Thats a hard one because all the gear was really good, I think it would have to be the leggings, I love them!!!

What preparation did you do for the shoot?

Not much to be honest doing hockey shots are fun cause its what I practice everyday but maybe in slow motion. I did straighten my hair and got my make up done which was a treat.

Who (other than the gals at Queen B of course!) is your biggest fan?

Definitely my family, I have 3 sisters, 2 brothers, my dad and mom and they have supported me at every level of my hockey career.

What is next for you? Milan? Paris? New York?                                                                       

I’m hoping the Rio is what’s next for me but we have got to work hard to get there.