Once upon a time in a land far, far away…

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there were two brave princesses.

Both princesses ruled their kingdoms with love in their hearts and a fairness of
mind. They also enthusiastically participated in all the many sports the kingdom
had to offer. But still they yearned.
Whilst their beautiful princess tiaras and gowns glistened and swished, their
sports kit didn’t quite do the same. So off they went to the dark forest of business
development with the idea to create a brand of premium performance sports kit
just for women. Tiaras firmly planted on their excited little heads they ventured
deep into the forest. Throughout their journey they met many obstacles including
a wolf or two disguised as sheep and more than once their tiaras were knocked
unexpectedly by low hanging branches.

Luckily these princesses had magical powers that came in the form of people.
People who along the way gave gifts of support and strength so that soon the
princesses found they were running, running quickly though the forest propelled
by their passion and fueled by the gifts from those who believed they could do it.
As time went on they ditched the gowns in favour of the kind of sports kit they had
always wanted to wear (and it was also way more appropriate for when one finds
oneself running through wooded areas). They continued to run, now in beautifully
flattering, high-performance leggings, sports tops and bras that moulded to their
bodies – earning them admiring glances from the woodland creatures. In their
backpacks nestled magnificent yet hard working rowing kit for when they needed
to cross the rivers and lakes they faced along the way… They were getting there.

By the time the princesses reached the other side of the forest, out of breath and
exhausted they proudly checked their iPhones to see that their wish had come true.
The beautiful kit they had been dreaming of was online and available to all of the
other royals out there looking for the best sports kit around.
When they looked up from their phones they noticed something quite remarkable.
They were not alone.
Beside the princesses was an immense team of ladies, all wearing the same kit
as they were. Olympic Rowers, Athletics Stars, International Hockey Players,
Olympic Basketball Players, International Lacrosse Players, Yogis, Gym Ladies,
Casual Runners, Golfers, Fitness Class Attendees, Ladies who don’t work out but
just love gorgeous leggings… the crew grew and grew.

United as one, this team of women turned to face the mountain ahead and the
princesses realized something. The journey was not over. It was just beginning.
And considering the company they were now in, it was time to ditch the tiaras in favour of
crowns because THIS…is No Place for a Princess.

Queen B Athletics.

Welcome to the Team.

Photography: http://www.kosterphotography.com/

Make-Up: http://www.lizformakeup.com

Models: Blog coming soon