Our Belated Valentines – The Men in our Lives

Here at Queen B we are all about the girl power, and rightly so. We are women, we design for women and we take huge pleasure in championing women. Having said that as it is Valentine’s
Day…or at least was Valentines Day on Saturday – (close enough in our book!),  we thought we
would take the chance to give a nod, a wink and some Queen B love to the men in our lives. Turn up
the ipod, hit En Vogue and sing it with me “What a man, what a man, what a man…”


First up Paul Coleman. Paul is a heavy hitter in the world of golf with the coolest golf shop we have
ever had the pleasure to be in not to mention his website Colemangolf.ie. Paul opened his door…and although he may be slow to admit it, his heart (awwwwww!) to Queen B when he let us trade in his shop and gave us space in his pop-up in Cork’s City Centre over Christmas. We all talk about businesses helping other businesses but so few truly do, Paul is an exception and exceptional. When we grow up we want to be him but we will settle for him being our Valentine! Paul, we heart you!

Big Nick. A behind the scenes legend at Queen B. He is our sounding board, our shoulder to cry on,
our naff motivational speaker (cue us all throwing our eyes to heaven) and person most likely to
cheer our every success, however small. He is a big man – coming in at a whooping 6ft 6” (he will
love that we mentioned that) but that doesn’t stop him loving the kit and freaking out every time he
sees someone wearing it, (erm, if you should ever see a huge man avidly smiling and giving you
numerous thumbs ups…..don’t panic ladies, he is with us)

Michael from Cork Design Group. To quote Bonnie Tyler “Where have all the good men gone, and
where are all the gods?!” They are working at Cork Design Group Bonnie. Michael, the man who
made our vision for our website a reality and also makes it, you know, actually work is nothing short
of a saint. Having to put up with questions like “So, yeah, technology, right?” and “I deleted it, but it
says it isn’t deleted and I can’t see it so it must be gone but it isn’t, do you think it is deleted?!”
Whilst we are only too aware that our total ignorance of all things IT must make him want to kill us,
it doesn’t stop him being a pleasure to work with and endlessly patient. So for one day we are
sending love rather than annoying emails and big pink hearts rather than freaked out phone calls. Loves ya Michael.

Joe Cantillon IIRC.ie. The man who saw a plucky little company and decided to bring us in from the cold. Literally. Joe is the inspiration, heart and drive behind the Irish Indoor Rowing Championships and our current man-crush at Casa Queen B. Supportive, awesome and (if we may be so bold), a bit of a dish (Yes, we said ‘Dish’), Joe is hitting all our Valentines buttons this year. See you at the Champs this year Joe….be prepared for some cringe-worthy “So, do you come here often?!” we are nothing if not shameless!

Alan Good, Southern Fried Hockey Journalist, hockey coach and one of the brilliant minds behind SouthernFriedHockey.com – Munster Hockey News Website and Training Camps for budding hockey stars. A champion of hockey, an inspiration to young players and an all round cool guy. In fact, Alan is so good, we decided to blog about him twice – stay tuned for an upcoming, behind the scenes, action packed, no holds barred, access all areas look into Southern Fried Hockey and the people who run it. Alan, there is always a candlelit dinner waiting for you at Camp Queen B.