Q&A with UCD Cox Shauna Fitzsimons

In 2015, University College Dublin Student and Superstar Cox Shauna Fitzsimons told us her story about a time when she was dropped from her squad and what she did next. It was one of our most well received blogs that resonated with people well beyond the rowing world. If you haven’t read it, here’s a LINK (Seriously, check it out…it made us cry)
This week we are checking in and doing the athlete Q&A with our buddy who we think is most definitely one to watch.
Oh and if you’re wondering who she is in the photo…she’s the one with the really long ponytail! Take it away Shauna!
Name: Shauna Fitz
Nickname: Fatz or Fauna Shitz –  you can thank the gents at UCD BC for them
Sport: Rowing 🚣🏼
Training for: University Championships
Best thing about your sport: Other than winning I would say gear
Worst thing about your sport: Always being cold
Who is your biggest fan?: Shane O’Connell
Most likely to say: “Nudge it for me bow”
Favourite training session: Don’t really have a favourite but 17 on 5 off is always a challenge … Counting is hard…
It would surprise you to know that I…: Am capable of speaking without a headset
Hidden talent: Baker extraordinaire
Guilty Pleasure: Watching 2ks haha..
Favourite “get pysched” song: ‘Black Skin Head’ Kanye West
Pre race/event routine: Run around pretending to look busy haha
The thing I miss most when I am training is: Sleep 💤
Best piece of advice I ever got was..: You’re only as good as your last race
Advice I would give a novice/beginner now: Work as hard on improving your skills as your rowers do theirs
I wish someone had told me that…: You don’t need to shout into your cox box…no-one needs to hear that.
How would your teammates describe you: “loud and bossy”- Niall Farrell, he loves me really ❤️
Biggest fear: The weir in Islandbridge
The moment where all the training was worth it: Elusive
Who is your hero? Morgan Baynham-Williams
Perfect day off: Chilling out at Dun Laoghaire Pier with an ice cream