The Queen B Sports Bra Challenge

Last year we sent out some samples to the ladies of Oxford University Women’s Lightweight Rowing Club to try on for sizing and after receiving a couple of hilarious photos back of who we like to call “Oxford Man” (real name Aidan) wearing the bra samples we issued a challenge –
You want to wear that bra? Then let’s do this.
7 days.
7 photos in your bra.
Each photo in a new location.
Bonus points awarded for innovation and imagination.
Immediate disqualification for anything dangerous.
The prize – to receive one of our coveted customised kit bags.

The bag that will last you for the next twenty years. A way to tell the world that you are the kind of guy to take up a challenge and make it your own. You are dynamic. You are awesome. Women love you, men want to be you and carrying that bag puts you in a league all of your own.
Oxford Man bossed it. A particular highlight being his trip to the library – a proud man, studying for his exams. Wearing his bra.

We laughed, we retweeted, we created new screensavers for ourselves. And then came James.
Lancaster James. University of Lancaster James, James from Lancaster, James, James, James.
We threw, nay flung down the gauntlet and James emerged from the mists, fending off foes, riding a horse, rescuing maidens left, right and centre, looking sweaty in a really good way and accepted the challenge….at least that’s how it went down in my head…

A trip to Greggs, a trip on the bus, heading off for a cycle round the campus….there was NOTHING this man wasn’t prepared to do!!!!! To say that eagerly awaiting James’ photo was the highlight of our day is putting it mildly. The breathtaking scenery in each shot. The chance to admire all those customisations in detail whilst using the zoom function on our phones. Spending a good hour deciding on which pic was going to become the new screensaver (we went with the collage….it was too hard to pick one). James was winning on just about every level…and will have the bag to prove it.

So who is next?
Is there anyone else out there man enough to take up the challenge??
Can anyone possibly top James and Oxford Man???
If you think you have got what it takes to be our next Queen B Top Male Model…
If you have the raw masculinity required to accept our challenge….
If you understand that this is no place for a princess………